About Us

  • Why We Do This

    Being a fitness professional isn't easy

    Whether you are a personal trainer, yoga instructor, dance teacher, whether you have a studio or not. Making a living doing the thing you love is hard.

    Having experienced this first hand we have made it our mission to empower the fitness professionals of the world.

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  • Did you know?


    of independent studios are open for less than half a week

    Association of Fitness Studios


    of personal trainers are independent contractors

    American Council on Excercise


    of Fit pros are looking to open their own fitness businesses

    Association of Fitness Studios

  • Our Story

    We felt that something was missing

    Our co-founder, Terren, has worked for over 13 years as a professional yoga teacher. Her husband Bob and fellow co-founder has been there every step of the way. From just starting out and knowing very little about the business to evolving into a seasoned pro that brought great value to her clients.

    Along the way it became more and more clear that something was missing. There was no way for fitness pros to teach clients without opening their own studios and there are thousands of existing studios looking to make more money.

    That is why we created Gofynder. To empower the fitness professionals of the world by providing a safe and powerful way for them to connect, grow, and succeed.

  • Our Team

    People passionate about your success

    Gofynder co-founder, Bob


    Bob is a head cheerleader for the team and is focused on making sure Gofynder is doing all that it can to empower its members. In his spare time Bob is a real goofball that loves being silly with the kids.

    Gofynder co-founder, Terren


    Terren ensures that the team stays grounded in reality and that all product developments are focused on our members. Since she is a professional yoga teacher she knows what our members need and she always makes sure we "keep it easy to use".

    Gofynder company dog


    Penny is in change of all fun and distractions for the team. She makes sure that nothing is taken too seriously and that we give her lots of attention.

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  • Contact Us

    Got questions, not finding a certain type of space, or want dedicated support creating your listing? Reach out and we will work to help. We would love to hear from you.

  • 1940's Industrial Fitness Warehouse Dallas, TX


    San Diego Sports Innovators

    Gofynder to annnounce that we have graduated from the SDSI Accelerator Program and have become a member of the SDSI community.

    San Diego Sports Innovators

    Insure Fitness Group

    Gofynder is proud to have partnered with the Insure Fitness Group to provide discounted insurance rates to our community. Click on their logo to see the details.

    Go to Insure Fitness page