• Earn money as a Gofynder host

    Turn your space´s down time into extra income by sharing it with fitness professionals in your area

  • Control

    Choose how you share

    Everyone wants to share their space differently, so we have designed hosting to be as flexible as possible.

    You can make your studio available to yoga teachers in your off hours, allow personal trainers to come and go as they please with a monthly subscription or have a dance teacher fill a specific class slot on your calendar.

    Gofynder gives you the control to pick what works best for you.

  • How hosting works

    List your space for free

    Listing your space on Gofynder is always free. We only take commissions on completed bookings so we only make money when you do. You set your own rates and availability, choose whatever combinations work best for you.

    Welcome users to your space

    Message users and accept bookings through the Gofynder platform. Once you confirm a booking users will be notified automatically.

    Get paid

    Users are charged upfront through Gofynder so you know that payments will be processed without issue. Payouts are deposited directly into your bank account when the booking is complete.

  • We've got you covered

    $1,000,000 liability insurance

    All bookings made through Gofynder are covered by our host insurance policy so you can list your space with confidence knowing that you are covered against the unexpected.


    All users looking to book a space must upload a profile picture so you know who you are dealing with.

    Secure payments

    Payments on Gofynder are powered by Stripe. Payment processing is simple, secure and deposited directly into your bank account.

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  • FAQs

    What happens if I need to cancel a booking?

    Bookings cancelled more than 24 hours before their start time users will receive a full refund. For details on all the different cancellation options, which will vary based on your booking type, please see our cancellation policy.

    What is the difference between a shared and private space?

    We organized spaces into two general types that hosts can use to help explain their space when creating a listing. Shared spaces are areas where users booking the space can expect to share the space with other people. For example an open gym floor where there is a wide variety of equipment and free weights available on a first come first serve basis. Private spaces are areas that users will have to themselves and their clients. Like individual room in a yoga studio.

    How does the booking process work?

    Our process is very similar to what you will find on other marketplaces like Airbnb. Whenever a user finds a space they would like to book, they select the type of booking and when they would like to use the space. That request is sent to the host for their approval. When the host approves the booking, the user will receive an email notification confirming the booking.

    What should I do if I have multiple rooms available in my space?

    If you have more than one space or room inside your facility that you want to make available on Gofynder you can create a separate listing for each so you can customize the availability, booking types and prices. This will also allow you to book out separate rooms simultaneously and increase your income. Go to your profile page to manage and creating new listings.

    When will I receive my payment from a booking?

    Booking payments are processed automatically after the booking is complete and are directly deposited into your account.

    Do I have to accept every booking request?

    No, hosts have the freedom to accept and decline whichever booking they want.

    What are the different ways I can list my space?

    Gofynder gives hosts four different ways they can make their spaces available to users. They can list their space by the hour, by the day, by the month and by the class slot. By the Hour and By the Day are one time bookings and By the Month and By the Class options are subscriptions.

    Why am I required to provide my Social Security number when setting up payment processing?

    Payment processing is regulated by the federal government just like banks and payment processors are required to collect certain pieces of information to confirm the person receiving the payment is who they say they are. This is called Know your Customer or Know Your Client (KYC) and it is required by federal law.

    How does Gofynder make money?

    We charge a commission on completed bookings, so we only make money when people are using the marketplace. The commissions vary based on booking type but they range from 4% - 6%.

    Do I have to provide my personal Social Security number if I want payments to be deposited into my business bank account?

    Yes, our payment processor (Stripe) is required by law to collect this information in order to process payments. If you want to be able to receive payments in your business bank account you will have to provide the Social Security number for the individual who manages / opened the business account.