• Turn your gym's down time into extra income

    List for free and make money using something you already have - your space

  • Host have

    Flexibility & Control

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    Set your price

    You decide how much to charge for the use of your space
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    Set availability

    Pick when your space is available. It can be more large parts of the week or not. You decide what works best for your facility
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    Pick which bookings to accept

    Hosts decide which booking requests work for them and they control which booking requests to accept
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    Four booking options

    Gofynder is built by fitness pros for fitness pros. We have more bookings options than anyone to fit the needs of our industry
  • We've got you covered

    $1,000,000 liability insurance

    All bookings made through Gofynder are covered by our host insurance policy so you can list your space with confidence knowing that you are covered against the unexpected.

    Secure payments powered by Stripe

    All payments are processed using Stripe so you know everything is simple, secure and deposited directly into your bank account.

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    All users looking to book a space must complete their profile (including uploading a profile picture) so you know who you are dealing with a head of time.

    List your space
  • How the hosting process works

    List your space for free

    Listing your space on Gofynder is always free. We only take commissions on completed bookings - so we only make money when you do.

    We give you four different ways to book out your space(s). You set your pricing, availability and pick which bookings to accept.

    Welcome users to your space

    Message other members and accept bookings directly through the Gofynder. Once you accept a booking request the user will be notified automatically.

    Get paid

    We charge users upfront so you know that payments will be processed without issue and payouts are deposited directly into your bank account.

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